Technologies of the self(ie) for TabloidArtHistory
Illustration I made for TabloidArtHistory for article TECHNOLOGIES OF THE SELF(IE) written by D.F. Perera
cover illustration Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad
Cover illustration for the culture section 'Gulliver' of Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad
Locations of Dutch movies for NFF for de Volkskrant
Maps of the Netherlands and Amsterdam with important movie locations of Dutch movies. Made for newspaper de Volkskrant.
Two little girls in a garden
Painting of two little girls in a garden for a private commission
Illustrations for Elle Decoration
Illustrations for Elle Decoration
Designs for embroidered illustrations for de Volkskrant
Illustration designs which are embroidered for de Volkskrant
Small portraits of some of your 'favourite' world leaders
Illustration CPNB Midzomerkinderboekenborrel 2018
Illustration I made for an invitation for the Midzomerkinderboekenborrel 2018 (annual Dutch children's book get-together) organized by CPNB.
Vegetarian food for De Volkskrant
Illustration for an article about the Dutch national week without meat with vegetarian recipes.
Painted box
Project where I paint boxes
Illustrations for Jenny Colgans books
Illustrations I made for Jenny Colgans books. Art direction: Marlies Visser
Illustration for HanzeMag
Illustration for the student magazine Hanzemag for an article about student housing and landlords.
Fair business
Illustration for something about fair business
Cover Illustration for the Volkskrant-V
A cover illustration for the culture section of the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.
Illustration for an article about doing nothing.
Illustration for Dutch magazine Elisabethbode for article about doing nothing and hanging around to prevent or overcome a burnout.
Naked ladies
Ongoing project where I paint naked ladies inspired by Manet, Giorgione and Titiaan
Project where I paint hipsters/millennials
Some of the moving illustrations I made for Cinetree
Some of the moving illustrations I made for a promo for Cinetree. The whole promo is made by PIT. Use this link to watch the promo:
Illustration Elle Eten
Illustration I made for Elle Eten
Garden Ladies
Project where I paint ladies in gardens
Illustration about online dating for Valentine's Day
Illustration for Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad
Illustration book cover
Book cover illustration for someone who writes funny short stories
Paid journalism in small towns for de Volkskrant
Made this illustration for an article about paid journalism in small towns. Here you see the Dutch town Oudewater.
What can you eat for €2,50 a day?
An illustration for the dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. The article was about what you can eat for just €2,50 a day.
Classical music festival Oranjewoud - De proeftuin
Work I made for the classical music festival Oranjewoud. An illustration for posters, flyers, etc, a save-the-date and a colouring picture.
Illustration for the gardening magazine onzeeigenTUIN
An illustration I made for the gardening magazine onzeeigenTUIN
Birth announcement cards
Birth announcement cards I made
Wedding Invitation cards
Wedding invitation cards I made
Illustrations for magazine 'Onze School' by VOO
2 Illustrations for magazine 'Onze School' by VOO (society public schools). It's about that schools are disappearing in small villages. First one is the cover illustration.
Happy Holidays!
Postcard designs for the holidays.
Moving illustrations I created for the online magazine hard/hoofd for an article about superfood.
Film posters for Cinetree
Some of the film posters I made for Cinetree. A Dutch video on demand platform for curated content.
Movies that are too long - de Volkskrant
Illustration for the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. The article was about movies that are too long. The illustration was placed again by Belgian newspaper De Morgen.
Illustration for Sestra’s winter magazine ‘Thuis’ for an article about sharing your personal thoughts
This is a real Marcantionio Franceschini
Illustration I made for the annual Illustratatie57 exhibition. This years theme was 'Misconception'.
Phallus Hunt
A piece I created for the annual 'Illustratie 57' exhibition. This years theme was 'Instinct'.
Making choices, illustrations for FNLI
Illustrations I made for the Federation of Dutch Grocery and Food Industry (FNLI) about making choices.
Illustration for J/M
An illustration I made for the J/M, a magazine for parents.
Map Oranjewoud festival
A map I made of the classical music festival Oranjewoud for de Volkskrant
Ongoing project where I make miniature copies of other paintings or photographs
Illustration for Dutch magazine Visie (EO)
Illustration for Dutch magazine Visie (EO) for an issue about time
The results of a short artist in residence at Oosterhouw
Flowers in three stages
3 illustrations I made for the EO. Representing 'dark', 'twilight' and 'light'.
Cover illustration Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant
A cover illustration for the culture section of the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant
Amelia Earhart
An illustration of Amelia Earhart
Guest room
Illustration for the Dutch newspaper ND for a story about taking people without a home into your own home.
The First Time
A few spreads from the book I made for my graduation project. It's about having sex for the first time. Different people are telling how they experienced their own first time, it is based on true stories. With these stories I want to bring new insights about the realities of life that often remain unspoken because of taboo.
Winter pattern for Sestra Magazine
A winter pattern I made for Sestra Magazine.
12 small festival related illustrations for de Volkskrant
Communication and walls
An illustration I created for an article about communication for the Visie, a magazine by the EO. This issue was about the Berlin Wall.
The South is Blooming
A flyer and two postcards for The South is Blooming. A store that sells South African handmade design.
A new diet pill
3 illustrations for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. For an article about a new diet pill.
Winter illustration
A winter themed illustration for Sestra Magazine
Project where I illustrate the different buildings of several religions accompanied by their most important figures.
Making Pie
Making Pie
Evil birds
A short story about birds
A chandelier
My chandelier
A boy scout
4 boy scouts
Having my period
How I feel when I'm having my period
Up side down
Up side down
A project about what kind of people you see at an art school.
Making a salad
A comic about indulging yourself.
13 must haves when there is a levee breach
Illustration for the tabloid PAPER.
Who I want to be
A story about who I want to be
Dick Tracy Project
A project about Chester Goulds Dick Tracy
Cover illustration for Macmillan Collector's Library
Book cover illustration for the book 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad